IMPACT   Investigations

Jim Keightley
Principal - Chief Investigator
Impact Investigations
Yakima, Washington                                                   509.930.8341         


PROFILE - After retiring from a  thirty-two year career in law enforcement, I am now applying the skills and experience gained as a public servant as a private investigator.

Served in city, county and state law enforcement agencies. Over 23 years’ experience as a law enforcement supervisor, mid-level manager and administrator


Bachelors of Science Degree – City University, Bellevue, WA
Degree: Business Management
Associate in Applied Arts and Sciences Degree- Shoreline Community College
Shoreline, WA Degree: Criminal Justice


General Law Enforcement & Investigations - not all inclusive
Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office
     Reserve Deputy Academy                                                                            
Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission
     Basic Law Enforcement Training Academy                                      
Washington State Patrol
     Basic Trooper Academy                                                                            
Technical Collision Investigator
Field Training Officer
Basic Detective Academy
Executive Protection

Supervision & Management - not all inclusive
Leading by Legacy                                                                                         
   Northwest Law Enforcement Command College                                         
   Blue Courage                                                                                                 
Leadership in Police Organizations                                                               
Mid-Level Managers Career level Certification                                            
Leadership and Destinations                                                                         
High Impact Police Leadership                                                                     
Fundamentals of Professional Management                                                  
Mid-Managers Basic Academy                                                                     
Supervisor’s Basic Academy                                                                         
Extensive training in National Incident Management System/Incident Command System and related fields. 

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE                                                           

Principal/Chief Investigator  of Impact Investigations, Yakima

Ellensburg Police Department                                                                                    

Captain – In the absence of the Chief of Police assume responsible control of the Department, perform the duties and exercise the powers incidental to the Chief of Police.  Provide a variety of complex analytical, administrative and technical work in the development of programs, services, policies and procedures to devise the most efficient and effective methods of accomplishing the work of the Ellensburg Police Department.  

As Administrative Captain, provide direct supervision and management of:

Investigations Unit - Oversaw, coordinated, reviewed and approved all felony criminal   investigations conducted by the Ellensburg Police Department, including; Major Thefts, Drug Crimes, Domestic and Child Abuse, Robbery, Burglary and Homicide

Responsible for the leadership and management of all aspects of these programs, including personnel and budgets.

Conduct Internal Affairs Investigations as assigned

Washington State Patrol

Lieutenant                                                Field Operations Bureau                                                     

Assistant District Commander for District 3, with responsibility for all district operations in Yakima and western Benton Counties. Directly manage all Field Operations Bureau personnel, including: four line detachments composed of one sergeant and several troopers.

 Sergeant                                                   Field Operations Bureau                                          

Supervised two line detachments; South Spokane 1992-1994, North Spokane 1994-1999.  I reviewed and approved all serious criminal and collision investigations conducted by detachment troopers. 
Detective                                                  Traffic Investigation Division                            

Trooper                                                     Field Operations Bureau         
      Technical Collision Investigator
      Executive Protection 
      Field Training Officer

Pend Oreille County Sheriff’s Office                                           
      Deputy Sheriff

Pacific County Sheriff’s Office                                                      
      Reserve Deputy Sheriff
Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office                                                             
     Reserve Deputy Sheriff